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Record Stores in Virginia, Part III of How To Build The Best Record Collection Ever.

Broadway Records - Portsmouth, Virginia. (Photo used with permission)

Part III of How To Build The Best Record Collection Ever!!!

If you live in Virginia or plan on traveling here, there are a variety of record stores to choose from.  Go online and search for “record stores”, “vinyl LPs” or “records” in the area you plan on visiting.  Any one of those searches or other similar searches should yield results that you can further research online.  Check out the store’s web page, if they have one.  They may have a page on social networking sites like Facebook or Myspace too.  Check out the reviews on the store's website or on third party sites like Yelp or the stores social networking webpage.  Take the time to call the store to make sure that they are still in business.  You can also ask about the types of records you are looking for like jazz, classic or modern rock or whatever you are interested in.  You can also ask them if they can recommend other record stores in the area.  I get great tips about record stores from referrals like this. 

American Oldies - Newport News, Virginia. (Photo used with permission)

I have shopped in all of the record stores in my local area, (Hampton Roads), and visited a few more within the state of Virginia.  There are many advantages to the local record store; the biggest one is that it’s LOCAL!!!  You don't pay for shipping so that's a cost savings; and you can check out the records before you buy them.  Some record stores have a turntable so you can play the records before you buy them.  If you are ever in the Hampton Roads area or in Virginia; I highly recommend the following record stores listed below, in no particular order.

    1. Broadway Records – Portsmouth, VA.  Awesome Classic Jazz records, lots of original pressings at unbelievable prices. They offer the largest selection of Soul, R&B, Funk and Hip Hop records in the area.  They also sell cassettes and DVDs too.  Often, they run special sales like 50% off on all vinyl LPs, or $1.00 for any vinyl LP in the store.  Owner is very helpful and knowledgeable.
    2. American Oldies – Newport News, VA.   The largest Classic and Modern Jazz and Classic Rock selection in the Hampton Roads area.  Lots of 80’s Pop LP's and new releases on vinyl in stock.  The records are priced to sell and they are in excellent condition.  The owner, manager and staff are very helpful and knowledgeable.
    3. Vinyl Daze – Virginia Beach, VA.  One of two new record stores in Hampton Roads, and the only all vinyl record store in the area.  They sell Classic and re-issued Jazz and lots of new and used Modern and Classic Rock records.  They sell T-shirts and Turntables and they have a listening station to listen to LP's.  The store has WiFi and has recently doubled there square footage and filled it with more vinyl like used Blues, Soul and Country LPs.  The owner and staff are very helpful and friendly.
    4. AFK Books – Virginia Beach, VA.  The other new record store in the area.  Lots of new and used Jazz, Classic and Modern Rock LP's to choose from.  They sell CD's and movies and they have a large selection of used books in the back of the store . The owner and staff are very helpful and friendly.
    5. Skinnies Records - Norfolk, VA.  Large selection of 80's Pop, Punk, Alternative and Modern Rock records in the Hampton Roads area.  They sell T-shirts, incense and guitar accessories among other things.
    6. Fantasy - Newport News, VA. Great collection of Indie, Modern and Alternative Rock, Medal and Punk records.  They sell body jewelry, gemstones, incense, candles, dresses and clothes and much more .  They have a Black Light room, a Sticker room, CD and Movie room, a Poster room and a Sword and Knife room too.
    7. FYE – Virginia Beach, VA.  This location has more new and used records than the other FYE stores in the Hampton Roads area.  Lots of new and used vinyl, CDs and DVDs.  The store has recently been downsized and remodeled and they stock more vinyl than before. The manager and staff are friendly and knowledgeable.
    8. Plan 9 - Richmond VA. Not as many great Jazz and Rock records as they use to have in the early to mid 2000's, but still worth checking out.  Their bargain bins offer some good Jazz and Classic Rock records at rock bottom prices, and they use to sell audio components from the 80's down stairs.
    9. Deep Groove Records - Richmond, VA.  Great selection of Classic Jazz and Classic Rock records.  Owner very knowledgeable.
    10. Orpheus Records - Arlington, VA.  They closed their Arlington store due to developers buying up the property to build condos.  But in its day, they boasted having the largest selection of used and new records on the east coast.  I believe that Orpheus Records now sells online.

      Happy hunting,
      The Vinyl Dude

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