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Milestones - Deep Grove Records
Richmond Va.
 While “Milestones” is the name of a Miles Davis LP recorded in 1958 on the Columbia record label, the reference here is to denote a milestone that I have just reached.  Coincidentally, this milestone happens to be related to Miles.  As of Friday 22 October 2010, I possess all the Columbia studio recordings of Miles Davis, which covers a span from 1955 to 1981.  During this time frame, Miles also made two records with other labels.  “Ascenseur pour L’Echafaud” (Lift to the Scaffold) released in 1957 on Fontana, and “Somethin’ Else” released in 1958 on Blue Note. These recordings were some of the most recent Miles records I purchased, and some of the hardest records for me to come by.  In 1972 Miles recorded “On the Corner”, which was his last studio recording with Columbia.  From 1974 to 1981, Columbia released five additional Miles Davis LP's consisting of previously unissued material to meet contractual obligations.  These five albums featured a cross section of Miles' work during the time he was with Columbia.  From 1981 to 1985, Columbia/Warner Brothers released four Miles LP's, and subsequent LP's were issued under the Warner Brothers label.  For my collection, I focused on the Columbia recordings between 55’ and 81’; what I refer to as the "true" Columbia years as opposed to the Columbia/Warner Brothers years.  It has taken me about fifteen years to assemble all of Miles’ true Columbia recordings along with some of his work on the Blue Note and Prestige record labels.  The bulk of my purchases were made between 2004 and 2010 and I purchased the records at local record stores, out of town record stores and online.  During this fifteen year span, I also worked on building what I call " the students of  Miles" collection consisting of artists like Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Dave Holland and Jack DeJohnette to name a few.  My John Coltrane collection grew during this time and I added works of his from the Impulse, Blue Note and Prestige record labels.  I will talk more about this collection in another blog.  Truth be told, I credit Coltrane for getting me more interested in jazz and exposing me to Miles.  Now you readers may not be as excited about my Miles collection as I am.  But with a little patience on your part, some money and some reading, you should be able to put together an awesome Miles collection or what ever it is that you are interested in.  Incidentally, I purchased the records pictured in this blog at a variety of places who's names appear under each picture.  My next blog will address what you need to know when buying records.  I will outline things like where to buy them, determining value, how to recognize vintage pressings from reissues, record condition (is it's playable or not), record cleaning and care and much much more in future blogs.

Miles Ahead - Round Again Records 
Providence RI 
Miles Ahead - American Oldies
Newport News, VA

Kind of Blue - Broadway Records 

A little back story here.  I started getting back into vinyl in the mid 90’s.  At first, I was buying a couple of records in Antique stores in my local area.  My purchases were inconsistent since there was no telling if and when these stores would have records.  So my purchases consisted of about three to five records at a time.  I would find the occasional Miles or Coltrane records and vocal greats like Nate King Cole and Frank Sinatra.  In the late 90’s I discovered a really good local record store in Newport News Virginia called American Oldies. All of a sudden, my record purchases got much larger and as a result my Miles and Coltrane collection grew rapidly.  At American Oldies, I was grabbing an average of ten to twenty or more jazz and rock records at a time.  I purchased lots of Miles, Coltrane, Santana, Zeppelin, Floyd, Genesis, Tull and Yes records, and I continue to shop there to this day.  In 2006 or there about, I discovered another local record store called Broadway Records in Portsmouth Virginia.  I picked up a lot more Miles and Coltrane and discovered artists like Oscar Peterson and Wes Montgomery there.  In the mid 2000’s I expanded my operation to include online purchases and record stores out of town, and I credit my lovely wife for the tip about stores out of town.  With the purchases I have made online and at record stores out of town, I have put together an enviable jazz, classic and modern rock record collection; and my Miles and Coltrane albums are the center pieces of this collection.  You can read more about some of the best record stores and online record sites out there in my next blog that I will be posting soon so please check back.

Nefertiti - Jazz Record Center 

1958 Miles - eBay

Round Midnight - American Oldies 
Newport News VA
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Somethin' Else - eBay
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