Sunday, April 22, 2012

Record Store Day 2012...... the day after......

Purchased at American Oldies - Newport News, VA.

I hope that all the record stores and their customers had a great Record Store Day (RSD).  Needless to say, I had a blast.  As much as I wanted to hit all seven of the records stores in my area, I knew that my wallet could not support that.  So, I decided to do just three of them but only made it to two.  My first stop was American Oldies in Newport News Virginia and I got some great records there, a couple were still sealed.

Purchased at Broadway Records - Portsmouth, VA.
My second and last stop was Broadway Records in Portsmouth Virginia.  Unlike the other other six record stores in my area, Broadway Records did not participate in Record Store Day, or at least in the sense that other RSD registered record stores did.  Broadway Records does not sell new records and that is some of what RSD event is about.  But due to a tip about the event by yours truly (that's me) to the owner of Broadway Records, and some quick thinking by the owner, Broadway Records launch a special event of their own.  One dollar for any LP in the store.  That's right!!  One buck for any record and that set off a buying frenzy of sorts and I was so happy to be part of that.  I picked up vintage pressings of Columbia, Verve and Impulse records from noted recording artists from back in the day.

Most of you may have noticed that none of the records I purchased above are New Releases, which again was some of what the RSD event was about.  To me, the event was also about getting people in the records stores and talking about and buying records, old or new.  I saw a lot of that while I was out and met some great people too.

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Thanks for reading and happy listening.

The Vinyl Dude.

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