Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Record Stores (Out Of Town) Part II of How To Build The Best Record Collection Ever.

Sweat Records - Miami Florida (Photo used with permission)
Part II of How To Build The Best Record Collection Ever!!!

Traveling out of town? If you travel out of town on business or vacation, take the time to research record stores in the city or cities you will be visiting. For me, this has been another great source for getting records that have not been available in my area. On some of my travels I have returned home with as many 30 – 60 records, which makes for a heavy carry on. If you travel by air, I recommend that you hand-carry the records on the plane. Do not check them in as checked baggage unless you absolutely have to. If there is a chance that you may have to check them in, pack and box them well for travel. Carry-on bags can be an issue due to overbooked flights so if you plan ahead and pack for the worst case you should be fine. Another thing to consider is to ship them to your home via UPS instead of traveling with them. If you ship them, be sure to box and pack them well. Personally, I prefer to travel with them on the plane despite the inconvenience and the weight. It’s a burden that I feel is well worth it because I have the peace of mind knowing that the records traveled well, and they did not get lost, stolen or damaged. To date, my out of town record purchases have been outstanding. I have purchased some great vintage records, discovered some great record stores and made some new friends along the way.

Round Again Records - Providence, Rhode Island (Photo used with permission)

Here is a list of records stores that I have visited on my travels in the US, in no particular order.
    1. Round Again Records – Providence, Rhode Island. Outstanding Vintage Jazz and Classic Rock records in excellent condition, owner is very knowledgeable.
    2. Jazz Record Center - New York City, NY. Perhaps the largest and most impressive collection of Vintage Jazz records I have seen. Records are in excellent condition, owner is also very knowledgeable.
    3. Sweat Records - N. Miami, Florida. Great record store with a really good Vintage Jazz section and an outstanding Indie and Modern Rock section. This place has an event area, a Café and a WiFi lounge. How cool is that!!
    4. Yesterday and Today Records - South Miami, Florida. Outstanding new and Vintage Jazz and Classic Rock records in great condition, owner very knowledgeable.
    5. Radio-Active Records - Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Great Classic Jazz records and a large Classic and Modern Rock section with a stage in the back for live performances.
    6. Zia Records - Phoenix Arizona. Great collection of used and reissued Classic Rock and new Modern Rock records and some used and reissued Jazz records too.
    7. Armageddon Shop – Providence, Rhode Island. One of the best and the largest collection of Modern Rock, Indie, Punk and Underground records I have seen, great Vintage Jazz and Classic Rock records too.
    8. The Time Capsule – Cranston, Rhode Island. Great Vintage Jazz records and great Classic Rock records too. If you're into comic books, collectable Action Figures and other memorabilia then you need to check this place out.
    9. Generation Records - New York City, NY. Good selection of Vintage Jazz and Classic Rock records.
    10. Bleeker Street Records - New York City, NY. I remember visiting this store in the Village in the 70's when I was a youngster, still in business, still a great record store, not to be confused with Bleeker Bobs.

    If you have a favorite record store please post a comment on my blog to let me and others know.

    Happy vinyl hunting,
    The Vinyl Dude
    Grado Green, Marantz 6300